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Hart Self-Love & Healing LLC


Jenna Hart-Koxlien

Self-Love Coach


HSL River Healing Retreat
13755 193rd Street Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin


Loving yourself isn't selfish. Actually, it's necessary. Once you discover how to implement daily acts of self-love, you become more fulfilled and grounded. The love you're generating within naturally seeps into all the facets of your life, as well as the lives of those around you. You become a better spouse, parent, teacher, leader, example, lover, friend, employee, boss, caretaker...human.

All of us are equipped with the means to love ourselves, live out our purpose, crush our goals and fulfill our dreams, most of us just don't know where to begin. Hart Self-Love & Healing offers an array of holistic tools to help you begin, such as coaching, guided meditations, hypnotherapy, energy balancing & healing, aromatherapy and self-care products. 

I'm no rocket doctor or genius,  but I am an expert in my own life. Through weeding out what doesn't work and relentless self-love, I've learned to reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, judgement and shitty days. I've created a life I'm absolutely head-over-heels in love with, and I want to share with you how.


Perouse the #selflovebookclub for incredible books that have helped me amplify my self-love and healing game, which in turn, helped me change my life. 

Self-Love Recipes that either help me poop, elevate my mood, raise my vibration, or detox my body. 

Book a sesh. Choose either an in-person session or a virtual/distance session. Whichever you choose, is exactly right for you. Trust your intuition. 

Contact me for a free consultation to help you decide what will be most helpful in your healing journey, with any questions or suggestions, and just know that I'm here for you. I'm beyond excited to help you along your healing journey & show you how to love YOU. 

So much love & all the healing,


Maybe youve made mistakes. Maybe youve h

Go. Love. Yourself.

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