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"When I went to get my Bars run, I was in the darkest place I'd ever been. After the session, I genuinely felt like I COULD DO anything. I COULD BE anything. All of the hurt, stress, anxiety and anger I had built up for YEARS was all gone." -Sienna C.

"I felt like my mind was clearer and I didn't have a million random things popping into my head constantly." -Elizabeth L.

"It was one of the most intensely wonderful things I have ever felt. I almost feel a loss for words. I feel lighter, positive, and despite my physical restrictions, more energetic. I can't wait to do it again!" Kimberly S.

"I have noticed changes! I'm sleeping through the night now. Generally, I'd wake every couple hours no matter what. Before Bars, no matter how much I slept, I was always tired. Now, I'M NOT TIRED!" -Kelly L.

"Having my Bars run was awesome! I had a clear head and slept amazing and it gave me some clarity on things I've been struggling with!" -Jamie F.

"She's the first person I'd call if I murdered someone." -Lynz

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