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Jenna Hart-Koxlien
Self-Love Coach
Energy Balancing Practitioner & Facilitator
Energy Healing, Mindfulness & Purpose Coach


I'm a dreamer. A doer. A giver. A believer. A manifester. A lover. 

But I wasn't always.

I have spent a fair share of my life being a faker. A downer. A taker. A hater. I have spent a fair share of my life bouncing from rock bottom to rock bottom, shutting out the people that love me, looking in the mirror and hating what I saw, looking into my eyes and seeing nothing. I have spent a fair share of my life playing the victim, putting on a mask, feeling sorry for myself, using awful coping mechanisms, gossiping, judging, bullying, shaming, breaking hearts. I have spent a fair share of my life being depressed, feeling anxious, unable to focus, unable to move, unable to breathe. 

Oh, and also, I was an asshole. 

The last rock bottom I remember hitting was when I lost the love of my life. He didn't die or anything, I just ripped his heart out of his chest a little. And ripped my own heart out of my own chest a little. And ripped the hearts out of the chests of all the people that love us a little. I spent a fair share of my life hurting people for no good reason whatsoever, but this was different. I was hurting every single person that I love and care for deeply, simultaneously.

The guilt. It. Was. So. Heavy. Being an empath didn't make it any lighter.

There was no other way out for me, than up. The only way out of this mess was to start loving myself the way I wanted to be loved. I had to believe I was worthy of receiving love, and I knew I had to change my thoughts in order to get to that place. But I had no idea how.

My hair magician told me about this incredible local energetic healing practitioner, so I booked a Reiki session with her. I was instantly hooked. Because she helped me see what was possible for me. That I could heal the energy keeping me stuck in the past, that I could move forward in the most loving way possible. I began booking several different therapies and energy healing modalities. I started meditating. Doing yoga. Reading. Being present. Taking classes. Doing shit I love to do. Taking care of this incredible vehicle that is my body. Bettering myself. Then low and behold, I started loving myself.

Then guess what happened? I started loving my life. 

I've since reunited with the love of my life, Andrew. And I also slapped a ring on that shit. This incredible man has shown me more love, joy and support than I ever thought possible, even at my worst, when I felt I least deserved it. He's got my heart forever. He's also given me the gift of three incredible bonus kids, who've taught me more about what love is than anyone. 

Self-Love is my passion. Self-Love is quite literally what got me through my darkest and weakest moments. I'm here to show you how to love yourself.

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