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Healing Session & Intuitive Summary

An intuitive custom healing session, based on your needs to promote energetic release and healing.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 144 US dollars
  • 420 Water Street

Service Description

How do you speak to yourself? Are you concerned with what others think of you? Do you sleep well? Are you struggling with anxiety, depression or chronic stress? Have you done something you feel is unforgivable? Are you holding grudges from the past? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you want more balance in your life? Do you want to let go of all the shit that is no longer serving you? If you answered "yes" to any or all of the above, this is the service for you. Upon arrival, I'll welcome you into my cozy little office, we'll talk about your goals for the session and what to expect, and you'll lie on the treatment table for about one hour. I play soft, relaxing music and healing vibrational tones and burn sacred herbs and incense to help clear low vibrational energy. While you're laying down, I ask my heart and hands be guided by God, and place them on or just above your body, focusing on your Chakras, or energy centers, and say prayers and speak intentions for your highest possible healing. There is no cookie-cutter way to healing, and no two sessions look the same. I've been practicing several healing modalities over the past 6 years, including Reiki, Access Bars, crystal healing, Angelofos Healing, hypnotherapy, Ho'oponopono and many others, and though they are all unique in technique and have helped me shape my practice, they all have the same goal, which is to connect with God for Divine healing. For freedom. Once you've entered deep relaxation, let go of anything heavy you were carrying, and released that which wasn't yours to hold, you'll get up off the table and feel like a brand new human. And either you'll go and take on the world, or you'll want to take a nap. Either choice is exactly correct. You will also receive a written email summary of any perceived imbalances and how to restore that balance, intuitive messages, and self-love hacks and tips. It's like a little handbook on what to do after your session. If you wish to continue receiving my guidance, you may choose the coaching option, and will also receive 3 weekly coaching calls over the course of a month, to help you maintain your momentum and blaze down your path to healing. Life is about to get really good.

Cancellation Policy

If you don’t call and don’t show, you owe me owe me owe.

Contact Details

  • 420 Water St, Eau Claire, WI 54703, USA


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