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Disconnect to Connect

Energy has been weird AF the past couple weeks. People have been sick, acting like turds, and losing their minds over the outages within the phone companies, social media and internet.

Last week when AT&T took a shit, I had no idea. I woke up early that morning with a POUNDING headache, something that basically never happens. I bet I've had a total of less than 20 headaches in my whole entire life, most of them self-induced. But anyway, I woke up and felt like shit, so I samwiched my head between my pillows and slept it off until 10:30 that morning. Ooh that's another thing, these past couple weeks I feel like I could sleep FOREVER. I woke up feeling better, and began my day late. I had a missed call from Lynz, but it was on Messenger and I thought, "why the f she calling me on Messenger" so I called her back and she told me what was going on.

I believe whatever was going on with the radio waves, frequencies and the phones is the shit that gave me a headache. Call me crazy or extra sensitive. I don't care because I am both, but I can literally FEEL when shit's weird in the atmosphere.

Another thing that I've recently noticed is that I can hear electricity. I know this is not some type of phenomenon, because it's actually pretty common, but over the past month or so, I can hear the frequency of everything that's plugged in at my house, and it's driving me fucking crazy. I'm not sure if the frequency is getting louder, my hearing is getting better or if I in fact, am losing my mind, but it's definitely something I've never noticed before, unless standing under a 345kV power line. Which I've done many times in my past life. I mean, like a decade ago. I've been running around here like a madwoman unplugging all the shit that's not in use.

Then social media took a shit for a while yesterday, I didn't sleep through it this time but I hadn't noticed because I hadn't touched my phone. Because my energy was WHACK. I could NOT get grounded yesterday morning, no matter what I did. Finally, after doing a letter burning ceremony down by the river, I was able to feel connected again. But then I grabbed my phone and saw that everyone started losing their minds about it. Maybe I'm not the only crazy or extra sensitive one. But I couldn't help but think, 'are we so reliant on getting our fix that we lose our minds if we can't read a mean tweet?' The answer is, yes. How many of us are addicted to scrolling? Many. Many. Many. We spend hours per day looking at someone else's life, growth, drama, death. Because honestly, that's all there is on social. And then we wonder why we feel "stuck" or depressed or can't get out of this funk. Well, answer this simple question and you'll figure it out. What are you giving your energy to?

PUT YOUR FUCKING PHONE DOWN. For an hour. For an afternoon. For a day. And see what happens. You'll likely constantly be reaching for it to "check" something, but don't let yourself. Try doing this periodically for a week, and see if your energy changes, see if your creativity comes out to play, see if you find joy in the little things, see if you actually need to be glued to that fucking thing 24/7.

The easiest way for me to do this is to NOT TOUCH my phone for the first hour I'm awake, other than to shut off my alarm. Instead, I read, journal, I map out my day, I work out, I take my vitamins and supplements, I meditate, I pray. You'd be surprised at how fast an hour flies by when you're doing awesome shit. Probably as fast as a scrolling hour, except you did something that will HELP you grow, ascend and flourish. I've traded in my morning scroll for a morning of miracles. You can expect miracles to come your way all day long, but if your energy isn't in alignment and you're not doing anything to make miracles happen, you'll never even be aware enough to fully receive them.

As human animals, we were designed to evolve. To become more brilliant and efficient. To flourish in our own creative genius. But with the invention of the smart phone and similar devices, we've become sad, dumb, stuck, and fucking depressed. Although I do realize what a blessing it is to have all information at the tip of my finger at any given time, I also realize what a detriment it's been to human civilization because in a matter of a few short years, we've disconnected. From the earth, from ourselves, from each other. I'm not contributing to this bullshit anymore. I do love social media for one thing, simply because it allows me to showcase my small business for free, but it's so monitored and controlled by some weird probably government entity, if I don't follow their rules of posting every few hours they don't show my shit anyway. Here say or word of mouth will always be the best advertisement for me, because it's real, raw, unfiltered and doesn't require anything other than love, which is the only frequency I care to run on anymore.

So when the whole shit house goes up in flames this election season (mark my words, this isn't the last of the technology glitches we'll see this year), you'll find me on the river, connecting to earth and all of her beautiful, plentiful resources, and not losing my shit. I'm already practicing. And if you don't want to lose your shit when it happens, I'd suggest doing something similar.

If you want your life to truly flourish, if you want to tap into your creative genius, if you want to watch your kids grow up, get off your device for a gosh darn minute and live your life.

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