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Utilizing my resources.

I haven't written a blog post in a year. I just kind of got away from it because most of my writing in the past year has been "for me". Or so I thought. Mainly just journal entries, client summaries and working here or there on my book. I still write all the time, I just haven't been utilizing my blog to do this. Which is ridiculous, because I pay for this website. It's mine. And I can say whatever the hell I want here, unlike a social media. So I'll be utilizing this section of my website to get it all out, so that I might actually be able to put my book out into the world during my life.

I started a podcast about a month ago, and it's really lit a huge fire under my ass to speak my truth. I've always had this internal fear of being burned at the stake for speaking out against the fuckery that goes on in this world, but during a healing session last week with Kim from Indigo Waters Healing Therapies, I realized that I'm much more blessed than my ancestors were, as far as the ability to speak my truth goes. If someone sets me ablaze for bringing light to the truth, then let them do so as I drive my dodge off a ramp right into the Chippewa, in a blaze of glory. I'm not here to spread misinformation or falsities. I'm here to help you open your eyes so that you can decide which way you want to go. I spread love, and I allow God to come through me to use my voice as a beacon for those who need it, and if I help only one person, God's will is being done.

I think what I'll do, is use my podcast as a rough rough draft. I start off with a page of notes so that I don't go all squirrely on you as you listen, but then turn that content into a draft of sorts, and then use it to create my blog posts. Most of what you will see in this blog from here on out will be considered my rough draft to the book I plan to birth in the spring. So you'll hear me repeat myself, on all platforms, every day for the rest of my life. That use to scare me, and keep me from writing at all, because I didn't want to seem like a broken record. But in my experience, the broken records get all the accolades because I personally have to hear things 10 fucking times before they actually sink in and I make a change.

If you learn like I do, then this is for you. My podcast, my blog, my book. I spent too many moments worrying about making sure my content "is for everybody" but the hard truth is, it's not. I'm not for everybody, and what I have to offer isn't for everybody. But in my heart, I know that God put me here to help people give and receive more love in their lives. Some people just don't want that, or don't have the desire to change. That certainly isn't up to me, and I won't continue to waste my precious energy making sure it happens. If I'm for you, you'll read or listen along. And if all of a sudden you feel I'm not for you anymore, that is perfectly ok as well. My mission is to heal myself. The parts of me that don't align with love. It's definitely not for everyone, and I can see that. But I'm not going to give up or stop, because I know how beautiful this world could be if we all just tried a little harder, became a little more self-aware, and offer a little more compassion. I love nothing more than to be a beacon for that type of change.

I have so many resources around me to sustain this type of energy, and I will no longer let them go to waste. Welcome back to my blog. Welcome to my heart. Welcome to your heart. Welcome to your life.

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