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Just Stop.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The 4th of July is a week away. Are you one of the dudes that lets summer slip by and pretty soon you're back-to-school shopping and ordering a pumpkin spice? I was too. I didn't realize that I was the reason summer went by so fast. I spent the hot months stressed and worried and making sure I could fit ALL THE PLANS WITH EVERYONE IN, every single weekend. That was before I learned how to be present. All up in the moment.

Now, I realize you've heard that one hundred million times. "Live in the now!", "Be Present!" and it seems like it's a great idea, but how do we slow down enough to get there? It's not impossible. One of the therapies I use for myself when I feel overwhelmed, bogged down, anxiety or stressed, is breathing. Last time you checked you were already doing that, right? When you get these feelings, just stop what you're doing, breathe deeply, in the nose and out the mouth, and take a second to APPRECIATE everything that's around you. You may have to try a couple deep b