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Bounce back.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

I found myself hanging out with my ego pretty recently. I'm not going to disclose whether it was 5 weeks ago or 5 days ago or 5 seconds ago but let me tell ya bout it.

Your ego is ALL the judgment, prejudice or blame. Ego is also stress, gossip, hate, fear, or any other low vibration energy that keeps you from being your absolute self and living your best life. Your ego likes to drag you down.

Back to me. I kept finding myself getting dragged by my pony tail into the bowels of bullshit. Thinking about what other people might think if I speak my truth. Or what if I screw up? Or what if I'm doing it wrong? Not about one particular item in my life, but all of it. The parenting, the spousing, the business owning, the self-caring, the other-people-caring. And the more I let those thoughts consume me, the more shit I wasn't getting done to reach my goals. That's it right there guys. My thoughts alone, kept me from nailing it. Any of it. Luckily, I'm at a place in life where I'm extremely self aware, and was able to check myself.

Who the hell cares what other people think! I'm the first one to say to EVERYONE ELSE, "what other people think of you is none of your business." So I quickly got over it by taking my own advice. I'd rather have someone talk about me than be the miserable cow doing the talking. And chances are, anyone speaking about ANYONE (not just me) in a negative manner just doesn't know how to check themselves yet. Which is also, not my problem. Are you sensing a trend here?

What if I screw up? So what. What matters is, what am I going to take away from screwing up? What did I learn? What won't I do again when a similar situation arises?

What if I'm doing it wrong? Well, I guess when the time comes to know, I'll know. For now, it's all about doing the best I can with what I've learned so far. Dude, that goes for you as well.

The best way to let your ego know that it doesn't control you, is to show gratitude. You can't be mad and grateful at the same time. Or part of you is lying. Be you, speak your truth, be grateful, and bounce back.

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