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Diggin up Bones

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

We all have skeletons. Some of us keep them tucked away, hidden, buried as if they never existed. I used to be some of us. Shame, guilt and embarrassment kept me from shining light on any of it. My truth lay hidden for most of my life, because I couldn't bear the thought of someone judging me any more harshly than I was judging myself.

I was at my lowest low. I hated myself. I wanted to die.

It wasn't until I discovered energy healing that I realized these "skeletons" needed to surface in order for me to heal the parts of me I hated most.

I booked a Reiki session with Lisa, having NO IDEA what reiki is or what to expect.

I got to her office, she advised me to lay on the treatment table, close my eyes and just relax. Because she is pure fucking magic, she was able to easily coax me into a deep state of relaxation with the use of healing music, sacred herbs, essential oils, love and intention, and the universal life force known as Reiki. This is the first time we ever met. She began to lay her hands on my body as if she knew exactly where I held all my pain.

I was lying there for an hour, but it felt like a minute or two. All the while, I was having a vivid dream, though I was wide awake.

The first thing I saw, in my mind's eye, were three beings. G.A.B. Our three children. I was shown that these three need all my love and everything that I am. I scooped them up and held them and hugged them as if I had birthed them myself. I saw my beautiful husband, and together we scooped them up and held them and hugged them as if it was our soul purpose. I saw their mother. We joined forces, scooped them up, and together we held them and hugged them as if they were the only thing in this world that mattered. In that moment, all the pushing, blaming and forcing fell away. Tears run down my flushed cheeks and my heart never beat faster.

I was taken back to the dark, dank treatment room of the Planned Parenthood in Minneapolis. I was shown the beautiful child that I would never come to meet. Angelic and blindingly bright, I heard her say, "I forgive you, sweet mother. I love you." In that moment, all the guilt, shame and anger toward myself fell away. Tears and snot shot from my face, and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my body.

I came face-to-face with my now husband. We were holding each others hands, and the glowing green light of the love between us kept growing and growing, as if it was too much to hold onto, as if the only way we could move forward was to let go. But we held on, until the light completely enveloped us, swallowing us whole. In that moment, all the blame, guilt and heavy-heartedness that typically accompanies a torrid love affair, fell away. At this point, I was completely inside of my own heart.

After the session was complete, I just lie on the table for a minute, trying to process everything I had just witnessed. When I sat up, I realized right then and there, that my life would never be the same. I knew I was becoming what I wanted so badly for the rest of the world, but especially for myself. Love.

This was almost exactly 3 years ago. My first experience with energy healing was profound, but it was because I had no choice but to allow myself to be open, and let the energy flow through me, because my only other option, I felt at that time, was to die. To rid the world of all the pain I inflicted on myself and on those I love.

I knew that if I could figure out how to release all the old shit that was weighing me down, maybe I could help others do the same. Lisa befriended me and continued to help me work through my not-so-desirable patterns and habits. I took classes from her, learned from her and developed an unbreakable bond with her through my own healing process. She showed me a million different techniques, guided me to books, music and classes that would help further my knowledge in how to love. Today, she is my best friend, my confidant, my work-wife and one of my soul mates.

If you are still wondering if Reiki or any other energy healing modality can help, let me just tell you this; it's the only thing that has worked for me. And I've tried it all. Conventional therapy, alcohol, drugs-INCLUDING PHARMECEUTICALS, anything to numb my mind and my being- I've done tried it. You cannot keep shoving it down with anything outside of yourself, and expect to heal. It's fucking science.

I'm not saying you have to put all your mistakes on a fucking flag and drag it through the sky with an airplane for the world to see, but you do have to own-up to the areas in your life where you've wronged yourself and wronged others. It's the only way to move past it. These things in my life all happened not to me, but for me, so that I could see all the loving potential within me. So that I could become love. So that I could show others how to become Love, even from the darkest places.

If you would like to meet and schedule an appointment with Lisa PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF MANKIND, DO IT. Your life will never be the same. In the best ways possible.

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