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From Fear to Focus

It takes a lot of intention and purpose to get the fuck out of your own head and into your life. So many are feeling like the world is crumbling before us, and we're headed straight to doom. Along with that, the sun barely fucking shines, to walk outside and try to breathe hurts, Netflix and a fuzzy blanket have become life, and we've become really comfortable with being comfortable. Winter is the time for rest in nature, and we humans are part of that nature, so it's natural to go in hibernation mode after the holidays. However, there are helpful hibernations, and hurtful ones. And the category you find yourself in will determine your survival while the world seemingly goes to shit.


Scrolling until you go to bed.

Ignoring the screams of your body.

Sleeping within 15 feet of your devices.


Flying out of bed 5 minutes before you leave.

Eating shit out of a package.

Talking shit in any way, shape or form.

Couch burrito, staring into Netflix for 5 hours.


Getting at least 7 hours of rest each night.

Taking salt bath or showers to rid yourself of toxins.

Salt lamps or diffusers in the bedroom.

Drinking alkaline water.

Having a morning ritual.

Eating clean, whole, organic foods.

Meditating, breathing & praying.

Moving your body in any way, shape or form.

I'm not calling anyone out, I'm guilty of all of it. But I release that shit, because what I'm realizing, is that we're witnessing history in the making, all around us. Some of it's loving and light, but a lot of this shit is dark and heavy. The only way out is up. I can't grow if I'm not doing helpful things for my mind, body and spirit, and I certainly can't love for the moment if I'm constantly worrying.

Sleep needs to be a bigger priority. This is where your body HEALS on the physical realm. This is where magic happens. If you deprive yourself, you're also missing out on stamina & energy for the following day. So rather than working out or meditating, you go face-down-ass-up in a fuzzy blanket tortilla on the couch, where growth rarely happens.

I scream to my clients about the importance of intentional showers & baths. Epsom salt is your homeboy. It literally pulls toxins & negative energy from your body. Dump a cup or a pound in a warm bath and soak, I don't know, I measure that shit with my heart. Add a couple drops of essential oil and lay back, relax, and imagine the shit energy leaving your body. Take several deep breaths and just be. When you pull the drain plug, it's gonzo. And do the same thing in the shower, just throw a couple scoops on the floor and as the hot water rushes over you, imagine it carrying with it all the bullshit you don't want to hold anymore. I deadass do this every single day. It helps you protect your own energy, purge unwanted energy, and it can be either physically energizing or relaxing, depending on your intention.

Salt purifies. It helps remove stuck, stagnant energy, and is also protective. A salt lamp is a great way to keep clean, loving energy moving through your space. I have one on a wall I cannot see from my bed, so the light isn't super bright, but some of them also come with dimmers. I would recommend this for any room in your house, but especially your bedroom if you're into ambiance & sexy sexy. Diffusers are also magical in the home. I run mine at night and diffuse oils like cedarwood, chamomile, frankincense or blue tansy because all of these aid in sleep, less snoring, pain relief & connection with dreams. Keep it on the opposite side of the room as your salt lamp.

Your body is probably pretty acidic. Unfortunately, so is some of our drinking water. Cancer thrives in acid, so it's important to know what your water's pH level is. Ideally, it would be a 9 or 10. Most tap water is a 6ish, which is considered neutral. That's all fine and dandy, but it isn't doing you any good. You can be drinking a gallon a day but you aren't necessarily flushing acid and toxins out of your body. Alkaline water is best. They sell it in the big box stores and on the interwebs. OR you can get distilled water and add minerals to it. OR OR, you can buy a distiller and really get into being a total granola. You have options. But if city water is your go-to, I would seriously consider switching to total distillation, with added minerals. City water has fluoride in it, which despite popular belief, isn't fucking good for you. My teeth are healthy AF and I haven't had fluoride in 20 years. Fluoride actually does harm to our bodies. Your pineal gland, which is in the center of the back of your brain, tiny little pinecone lookin-ass thing, is the gland that produces and regulates MELATONIN. Your fucking sleep hormone. Fluoride builds a shell around this thing over time, and then we cannot sleep. Drink better water and switch your damn toothpaste.

Morning rituals are so important. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just wake up and do what the fuck you need to do to have the best day possible. Here's what mine looks like.

Open my eyes-my bed faces the east because I like to rise with the sun when that bitch is actually out.- and take a big, fat ass deep breath.

Think of something I'm grateful for, and ask the Universe to help me be big love today.

Drink a glass of water.

Move my body for at least 20 minutes.


Take an Epsom salt intentional shower.

That's literally it. Some days, I meditate and/or do an extra yoga if there's time.

I'm not going to say much about your diet. I realize the process of trying to be better is daunting. Foods that are one ingredient, that come from God's vagina are the ones that will help you stay alive. Almost everything packaged will eventually kill you.

Breathing, meditating or praying is a real quick way to energize you and help you let shit go that's heavy. This doesn't have to be fancy either. Just do what feels good to you. Sometimes I light a candle and burn up a smudge, making it a pinterest-perfect session, sometimes I do it on the toilet. Just have an intention. Such as, "I release anything that isn't mine to carry. I call all my own energy back to me in present time." I like to do that one when I go to bed. If you take 5 minutes away from a bad habit and give it to this, it will change your life.

Move your damn body. You only get this one. I started working out again 3 weeks and two days ago, and I am mind-blown at what is happening. Not even to my body. But my mind and spirit. I'm not saying you have to get a gym membership, unless you want to. I can't do gyms because it takes me longer to protect my own energy than to actually work out. The gym has always felt heavy to me, other than MachineLab in Portage, WI. That place is fucking magic. But in any other case, because I'm an empath, I just feel like I'm in the middle of an energetic dumping ground when I'm there. Because it is! Most people work out to relieve stress and purge unwanted, stuck, stagnant energy! But never once, when an employee is walking around sanitizing everything also carrying a smudge bundle, cleaning the shit energy out. It's easier for me to work out at home, where the energy doesn't fuckin suck. Go for walks, do a couple squats, gently stretch your body, rearrange a room, carry a load of firewood up the stairs. Just move.

The times are changing, and we are seeing a more and more truths surface. Yes, so much of it is ugly and dark. But there is a way out. It's up. Rather that being fearful of what may be coming, be focused on how you're going to live through it.

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