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Healers gonna Heal.

Where does it hurt? I can help you.

Not HEAL you, because you can only heal yourself.

I can listen to you, with my whole heart. I can be here for you. I can help you bawl your eyes out and scream and shake your furious fists to the sky, I can help you let it ALL OUT. I can give you love and advice from my experiences, what I've learned along the way and my perception. I can pray, smudge, set intentions, cut cords with crystals & raise your vibration with essential oils, but I can't heal you. Because I can only heal myself.

I've been given a SHIT TON of advice on how to do it. Sometimes it resonates, and I take it and run with it, entering a beautiful euphoria of healing bliss. But sometimes it doesn't. Either it doesn't feel good or align with my personal journey, or I'm just not ready for it. So I move on.

I've also GIVEN a shit ton of advice, and sometimes it works for the person, sometimes it doesn't. But that is not for me to decide. If I give someone love and help by showing them some tools to heal and overcome, and they don't use them, that is not up to me. I can't be upset with that. I can't be all "I told you so" when shit hits the fan, because who am I to decide what someone else's path is?

Many healers (people healing themselves) become people of service, with a purpose of helping and guiding others into healing. It's absolutely beautiful, because these are the people that will change the world, and help bring the collective into awareness and consciousness. These people are my people.

Are you a person of service, healing yourself along the way and sharing your experiences with the world? If so, THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Without you, we'd all be up shit creek.

But, let me ask you this...if you're helping someone and they aren't using the tools you've given them, or they're not adhering to your advice, do you get pissed? Hey, it's not up to you. You were put here to bring love and light. It automatically goes where it's needed. If it doesn't go where you think it should go, then it wasn't supposed to. It's not your job to have expectations of your own healing, or anyone else's. It's your job to be love, even when shit doesn't go as planned.

The ONLY place that you are an expert, is in YOUR OWN life. The tools and advice that worked for you, may not work for someone else. Guess what? THAT IS JUST FINE. Because it's their journey, not yours. We're all trying to get to the same place, we just have different ways to get there. And if that's a problem, you may want to do a little work of your own in that area.

OH, AND ANOTHER THING, if you are helping people heal, and you are talking shit about other people that are helping people heal, that's a problem. No matter what you may think of them, that other healing person, is healing themselves the best way they know how. They are doing their best with the tools they've been equipped with, and sharing their journey with the world. If you have someone come to you for help, and they've seen other practitioners, doctors, therapists, counselors or helping people for sessions or advice, it's not your job to try and outdo OR bash their previous experience. It's not your job to tell them whatever they learned or whoever they learned from before is wrong. Your job is to build upon the healing that's already taken place, with unconditional love and acceptance.

You're going to run into other "helping" people that are not so helpful. If it doesn't feel good, move on. Because there IS someone out there that can help you in a way that is more aligned with who you are, and how you want to heal. Heal as you please, grow as you please, evolve as you please, and allow others to do the same.

If you need my help, you'll find me over here, healing myself. For the rest of my life. Using tools and advice I've been given from all the people I surround myself with. Using my intuition, using what feels good and feels right to me.

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