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There's the easy way, and there's the Hart way.

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Ok so everything I've every done in my life since birth, I've basically had to do it twice.

I'm starting over. Again. A brand new me is on the cusp of evolution. I've dissolved Gypsy Hart LLC.

Recently, I stumbled upon a FB post that said 'Gypsy is a racial slur.' My jaw hit the floor. WHAT? Google the origin of the word once, you can fall down that rabbit hole yourself if you'd like, but let me save you some time. It's true. Gypsy was a term coined in the 16th century in Europe to describe people based on their physical features, different behaviors and their ASSUMED origin.

Now, I realize that here in the West, most of us had no idea where the word came from. Most of us (based on who I've talked to since making this discovery) hear the word and think of a whimsical, traveling, nature-loving, guitar-playing, barefoot hippie. So did I.

But then, I took the time to dig a little deeper and educate myself. The more I read, the more awful I felt. I was so mad at myself. For not listening, for not seeing, for being so ignorant to another human's feelings, meanwhile I'm over here, sipping iced coffees and trying to teach myself the guitar, blissfully unaware. That's right, ignorance, in some cases, is bliss. When I felt the damage of the word rip through my heart and the heart of everyone ever pained by it, I wept. There are still people all over the world with this lineage running through their blood, and their ancestral wounds associated with this oppression is NOT some aesthetically pleasing, magical hashtag to slap all over your IG or the name of your LLC. Actually, it's rude. Maybe you don't know this about me, but I didn't come here to offend ANYONE. Not anymore. ESPECIALLY WITH SOMETHING AS IGNORANT AS A RACIAL SLUR. I love all people. All things. Even spiders now. I've learned along the way that once you know better, you get the choice to do better. So with that, I've removed hopefully everything that included the word. Hang tight while I redo this whole website too. I'm definitely recycling some tried and true material, but, with Love, Gypsy Hart is no more.

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